Need of Networking Knowledge for a Hacker, 1:IP Addresses

In this blog, we will know the basics of IP addresses, internal and external, and begin to have a look at how the internet works.

A: External IP Addresses

An IP address is broken down into 4 parts, called octets that are used to identify every point on the internet like a house . To send a package/packets from any computer to another computer we need to know the 4 octets that make up our address, just like sending a package/packets through the mail service.

B: Internal IP Addresses and Your Router

In computer, the router/modem that connects you into the internet like a building , the man at the door is a service called NAT , and each floor in a building is a device using the internet .

To make sure each packet gets to the right device, NAT needs to know which floor is which. He does this by assigning them a special address known as an Internal IP address. These are only for use within the building NAT is in and are usually in the form of (192.168.1.**) where the stars are a number that is your floor (device)

C:. /Ports

In computers, is called a loop-back adapter/address, and it is a way of talking to ourselves, the doors are called ports, and inside each port is a service.

D: Gothrough

so compairing above description with a building we have an IP address for our router/modem (building) and we have a different one for your device (apartment). There is a man called NAT that takes everything for your router's IP address (buildings address) and delivers it to each devices IP address (floor number) inside the network. In our device is a loopback adapter/address (hallway) which lets us go out one port (door) and back in to another service (room).

If you want to learn more see this link for reference :https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/networking-basics-for-aspiring-hacker-part-one-ip-addresses-0151104/

An Ethical hacker should know the penalties of unauthorized hacking into a system. Read more at:Legality and Ethics

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